Downloading XHMM

The XHMM program and source code is currently available to download for academic use only.

Git repository

The XHMM Git repository contains the core C++ code in addition to various useful scripts. Specifically, the always up-to-date "development" zip file is found here.

The scripts include tools for:

Installing XHMM

XHMM was developed assuming compilation on Linux with gcc version 4.4. Other requirements are the pthread and lapack C libraries.

[Also, to modify the command-line options, it is necessary to install Gengetopt (recommended version 2.22 or higher).]
Uncompress the xhmm zip file, where you want to install it:

Change to the xhmm directory:
cd statgen-xhmm-*

Run make to install the software (which starts by automatically compiling the included hmm++ library):